From the recording "Stone Rollin' Blues"


Who's leaving town smack in the dead of winter
Who's throwing in his '65 and heading south
You can't leave now, aw man, you just got here
Don't tell me this town beat you down and wore you out
Now it's closing time on a frozen morning
The trees on the streets stand bare
And goodbyes hang in the air
And I've got them stone rollin' blues

You cut your teeth down along the Mississippi
Old river deep and mythical and far away
A man can freeze on the streets of New York City
But didn't we brave any weather at any hour to go and play
In the candlelight by the radiators
In divey downtown bars
With our rolled smokes and guitars
Singing them stone rollin' blues

Now that old Chevrolet you call Violet is packed to go
You say you don't know where you're going yet
But I think you know

We all roll in full of steam and in these rooms we gather
To find some kind of refuge from the chill
One day you're here and then the next we've scattered
We're restless and we're living for the thrill
Now just like all those nights, I'll take my scarf and gloves
And I'll go heading out across the eastside
But it feels like something died
oh, I'll miss your stone rollin' blues
(Ah, you're stone rollin' blues
I go off looking for them, too
Ah, them stone rollin' blues)