From the recording "Rebel Without a Fall" (lyrics)

Facebook? Nah. See, I like to keep most old high school friends frozen in time, where they're forever young & rebellious. Over the years, certain ones have lingered in my mind and have grown to be almost mythical figures. To get a "friend request" would just feel sad, I think.


I don’t wanna know where you areor what’s happenin’ in your life‘cause I don’t want to shatter a myth that matters to me;You at seventeenI see you holding the linefull of soul and defianceAnd I’m afraid to find that you’ve lost your fight like us allI need a rebel without a fall

Some people just don’t belongin this dumbed-down madhouseYou gotta go along just to get along and surviveAnd that’s not your styleI see you laughin’ in smoke on a car in the church lotand by the laundromat with your Castro hat looking allLike a rebel without a fall

I don’t wanna find you onlinesome cute little commentin all lower caselittle sideways face on my wall

I should be reading a noteon a torn sheet of paperFolded up and stuckto my windshield signed with a scrawlFrom a rebel without a fall

Well maybe if I see you by chancegive a tap on the shoulderIn a dim-lit roomwith a drink or two at last callAnd be a rebel without a fall