From the recording "Just Too Young" (lyrics)

This one’s about a little lady that I’ve been spending a lot of time with while my wife’s at work.


In the early mornShe’s up ‘fore she oughta to beI try to get right back to sleepingBut it’s not to beThen she cracks the blindsAnd the sun streaks to the floorShe’s tugging at my sleevePointing to the door

She is just too youngEverything’s a thrillShe will not remember this…but I will

Got a zig-zag walkOn the sidewalk and the lawnShe’s got a twig and a rock to take homeShow ‘em to her momIn the restaurantIn her summer hat and curlsShe’s drawing all over the matin manic swirls

She is just too youngAnd she can’t sit stillShe will not remember this…but I will

When the evening comesAnd it’s time to wind her downGotta raise the blinds and show herA full moon is outLittle diamond starsLittle arms toward the skyThat’s the moon and she knowsThat it’s time to say goodnight

She is just too youngGot her whole life stillShe will not remember this dayBut I sure will