Four New Songs


I’ve finished 4 new songs, which I plan to post here for free download as soon as I get a chance to record some good, solid demos.


It’ll probably take at least a few more weeks as I’m still getting to know the new songs and finding out exactly which keys and tempos they want to be in. One of them wants to have a modulation after the bridge but I find that annoying in terms of having to remember too many chords. Another one can’t make up it’s mind about what it wants to be. One day it’s a bittersweet country shuffle then the next day it’s a cranky garage-folk manifesto.


I won’t be making a new album any time soon because I don’t have the time, budget or patience for that right now. I’m just happy to have new stuff to put out after such a long time. I may yet finish a couple more songs to add to the first four. If that all goes well I might even start actually playing live again. Stranger things have happened…like ceasing to play live in the first place.

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