Googie's show last Thursday

The Googie’s Lounge show last Thursday took place on a rainy night. I just get lucky that way, it seems when I go back to play in New York. Out of the last 4 times I played a show in NYC, 3 of them ended up being rainy nights. It always makes me worry that people won’t show up. Thankfully, my worries have been unfounded.
Thanks so much to all who came out to Googie’s and made it a nice time. It was my first time playing for an audience since 2007 and my first show since releasing The Last Dive in Town. A rainy night in New York with friends is a great way to get my stage legs back again.
Just booked a show in Redondo Beach at the Welcome Cafe. This will be my first in the LA area since God knows when. I’m looking forward to it more than I expected. I think it’s because it’s a coffeehouse gig as opposed to a bar gig. I started out playing coffeehouses in San Diego and I think my excitement has something to do with being able to get a little break from what I call the “whiskey songs” and play a set that’s made up more of “coffee songs”. More on that little cultural nuance in a later post.

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