The New Album is Here!

I've been predicting the imminent release of this album, The Last Dive in Town, for well over a year now, while the actual completion of it kept slipping off into the horizon. But, at last, the final physical product is in hand and will be going up for sale on cdbaby within a couple of weeks. It started out in 2006 in a rather spur-of-the-moment fashion with the band and me putting a few songs down "live" in the studio. Overdubs were added, new acoustic songs were recorded and I had to learn a lot of new technical stuff along the way in order to get it done and, boy, am I glad it's done. Of course it's my best record yet (the last one always is, isn't it?) and I want to thank everyone who played a role, especially the musicians; Steve Antonakos, Chris Benelli, Tony Tino, Ryan Williams, Neil Thomas, Whynot Jansveld, Craig Ferguson & Chris Tedesco.

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