Burrito Run (walking at night)

I forgot what it's like to go walking at night On the sidewalk between lit-up storefronts and the headlights of cars swishing past Guys shoot pool and shout in a Christmas light-strewn neighborhood dive bar while women shop at Salvation Army and at the Goodwill on the next block They stand in line, clothes draped over their arms They glance out toward the street maybe just catching their own reflections in the glass for a moment while I look in on a quick walk past I read somwhere that business is up this year at the Goodwills and such The liquor store man attempts repair on a weathered banner My destination tonight is El Indio Tortilla Factory My mission, my purpose, is a chile relleno burrito for myself and a chicken quesadilla for the missuz I shall walk back home with the goods feeling free and wondering why I don't do this sort of thing more often, this walking at night (Dec. 30, 2008)

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