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Everettsville: Links

URBAN IMAGES & CULTURE (mostly New York & LA)

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York
"Still hunkered down in the East Village, waiting for the wrecking ball of gentrification to find me. Until then, I'll write this ongoing obituary for my dying city."

Joe's NYC
He posts one new photo every day. Great eye for faces on the street, interesting stuff.

Walking in LA
Whos does this really? This guy does evidently. He even takes pictures to prove it.

Roadside Peek - An Adventure in Time
A sprawling photo tour of the American roadside. Documenting those quirkly little mid-20th century cultural/historical treasures that still well as those which have been destroyed.

My Photos on Flickr

Been dabbling in photography for most of my life. It's a neglected hobby. I don't do digital, though. I still use a 35mm film camera that I've had for 20 years.


Tim Easton

Tim is my favorite original folk/blues (or is it acoustic pop? folk/rock?) artist going today. Like if Bob Dylan had lingered for a little while longer in his 1964-1966 period. Ammunition is an uncommonly enjoyable singer/songwriter record.

Hullabaloo (a.k.a. Steve Denyes)
A good friend who, a couple years ago, got into making music for kids. I didn't really get it...until I had a kid. Now it all makes sense! Smart, funny, tunes and no Barney/Elmo baby talk. Very listenable for grown-ups.

Craig Ferguson - session musician
Los Angeles-based pedal steel/dobro/slide player. He adds a great bluesy/country vibe to my live shows.

Contemporary Folk/Pop with a mystical/spiritual undercurrent. Also a graphic artist. She created the cover for my Brutish Little Ballet album.

Homeboy Steve - Pop/Blues/County
Steve Antonakos, inventive roots guitar player & quirky songwriter. This NYC native loves fishing and loud shirts. Proud to have him in my band and on my records.

Chris Moore...musician/songwriter
edgy, melodic acoustic/electric folk

Greg Tannen
Contemporary folk/pop. A gifted songwriter, and a fun show always.

The Weepies
Deb Talan & Steve Tannen; solo singer/songwriters who joined forces as The Weepies and are now in the process of conquering the world with sweet harmonies and smart lyrics.

Mike Younger - Every Stone You Throw
Memphis/New Orleans country blues guitarist & songwriter